How to make Hamantaschen & Sushihamantaschen


Hi, we’re Emanuela, Debbie & Ben, & in this video, we want to show you how to make Hamantaschen. Hamantaschen are triangular shaped cookies filled with chocolate, jam or poppy seeds. They are traditionally made for Purim, a Jewish holiday, where we celebrate the victory of the Jews. Emanuela & Debbie will show you the traditional Hamantaschen. If that sounds boring to you, and you like sushi, then wait for the 2nd part of the video. Ben & Emanuela will show you how to make sushi in the form of Hamantaschen. Enjoy!

The Centropa Jewish Network student competition was made possible by: The Jack Buncher Family Foundation The Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation The Kantor Foundation and delivered with the support of the European Jewish Fund

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