Friendship in a time of war

Ms. Arık and I watched the selection of the greatest hits of Centropa together just before schools in Turkey were closed because of Covid-19. The one that caught my eye immediately was “Survival in Sarajevo”. I was impressed by the script because it is 100% opposite to what is around us nowadays. Today religions are so much against each other. Hostility against Jews is so often expressed everywhere. The fact that in this video Jewish people were trying to save people regardless of their religion affected me deeply. This film inspired me to draw religions together in one place together with their places of worship. The silhouettes in the foreground of my drawing tell we are all humans and we are all the same. The faces, clothings, skin color or any other difference should not be considered as an excuse to exclude a person. The only thing that matters is to learn to live together peacefully and to respect each other.