Building a common future

Participating schools:

  1. Ady Endre High School, Budapest
  2. Sziebert Róbert Primary School and Elementary School of Art, Pécs

Number of students: 16+20

Number of teachers: 2+3

Number of meetings: 3

Students who come from two different background and age groups working together in the Common Ground Program have developed common values ​​and experiences in common work that helps to understand, accept others and collaborate with them. Benjamin Bánki, the author of the "White Fifty Shades", author of their age group, deals with topics such as exclusion, extermination, judgment, minorities, and unfair discrimination. The sensitizing activities, the joint workshops of the three meetings, sought answers to the questions of the ages, and created feelings in the students, such as cooperation, openness, friendship, acceptance, trust and respect, so as not to distinguish them unfairly. The performance produced by the two schools reflects on these issues and problems with their own expressive tools. The students developed the content of the performance in co-operation. Their message compares with the theme of the poem.

Supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute Foundations, the US Embassy in Budapest, the Europe for Citizens, European Remebrance program, the Mazsihisz, the National Coopreation fund, the Mozaik Hub, and the Gallic Fund