Book project

Participating schools:

1. Wesley János Kindergarten, Primary School, Vocational School and Grammar School

2. ELTE Trefort Ágoston Practice Grammar School

Number of students: 11+12

Number of teachers: 5+1

Number of meetings: 7

The aim of the project was to create long-term, creative cooperation between students from different socio-cultural backgrounds and to experience the benefits and disadvantages of each other's school by working together. The participants' dream was that children would write their own stories with contemporary writers and poets reflecting on their lives. The children have written their own creations with self-made dumplings with real ink. The official book presentation of the volume of the 6-7 meeting will be held in autumn in the Writers' Shop in Budapest.

Supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute Foundations, the US Embassy in Budapest, the Europe for Citizens, European Remebrance program, the Mazsihisz, the National Coopreation fund, the Mozaik Hub, and the Gallic Fund