Centropa ebook: We Lost Our Home; We Lost Our Childhood

This interactive book, comprised of photographs and stories, is Edward Serotta's personal exploration of the complext relationship between Jews and Germany; Germans and Jews; Israelis and Germans; Jewish Germans and non-Jewish Germans. Between 1988 and 1996, Mr. Serotta visited old age homes for German Jews in Jerusalem, and their social clubs in Tel Aviv. He also visited houses, schools, government buildings, former concentration camps, and Jewish community offices throughout Germany. In 1995 in New York, he visited the soon-to-close offices of Aufbau, the German language newspaper founded by German Jews who fled in the 1930s (it has since been re-established, in a different guise). This interactive book, We Lost Our Home, We Lost our Childhood is not about history; it is about what history did to the people Serotta photographed and interviewed.

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