Yakov Furman, his wife Regina Furmanene and their granddaughters Inga and Neele

Yakov Furman, his wife Regina Furmanene and their granddaughters Inga and Neele

This is I and my wife Regina Furmanene with our twin granddaughter Inga and Neele in Palanga, 1980s.

In 1945 I was employed at the sanitation department of the Siauliai ispolkom. I was given a very good apartment and my wife and I moved there. I always had high positions. I started at the sanitation department of the town. There was a lot of work right after war. There was an epidemic of typhus fever, TB, lice and all kinds of infections. Later I was in charge of the sanitation department, chairman of the Red cross, in general I tackled administrative issues. Besides, I worked part time as a dentist. I was a good doctor and had my clientele. We lived comfortably, especially taking into account the fact that mother and sister helped us- they sent money and parcels from France. Last years I had worked as a dentist in a clinic. When I turned 80 I ceremoniously retired. They made a nice good bye party for me.

My wife finished college and started working as an accountant. In 1955 Regina gave birth to her only son, whom she called Richardas. He finished school, entered the university and became a technological engineer. I got along with my son, but he was closer to mom as he identifies himself as a Lithuanian, and of course he is a Lithuanian in his heart and in his mind. Richardas treats Jews very well. We had a good living in soviet times. Wife and I often went to Moscow. At times we took son with us. I kept in touch with my cousin Eduard and uncle Ilia (father's brother). they often came to us from Moscow. We went to Palanga together. Wife and I went to the all-soviet resorts in Crimea and Caucasus. We went to Paris twice, to see my sister and mom.

My son married. He is living and working in Siauliai. Richardas works in a house building company as a technologist. Richardas has twin daughters. They recently turned 20. One of them Inga, is studying in Vilnius university, sociology department. My second granddaughter Neele left for England. She is working as a bartender there. She is going to study there as well.

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