The wedding of Rasela and Iser Smil

The wedding of Rasela and Iser Smil


This is the wedding photograph of my father's sister, Rasela Smil, and her husband, Iser Smil.

My father had a sister, her name was Rasela. She was married, her husband's name was Iser Smil - Smil was his family name. They lived here, in Botosani, as well, my uncle had a grocer's shop here in Botosani, and he was employed at a gas station after the war. My uncle sometimes performed the religious service at the synagogue that I attended as a child, for he had the necessary knowledge.

He died here, in Botosani, and my aunt left with the children to Israel in 1965. They had 2 children, a daughter - Caspi - and a son - Lica Smil. They have families of their own now, children, they also have grandchildren. In 1969, when I traveled to Israel, my cousin Lica Smil lived in Trumpeldor - a village, a small town near Rosh Haniqra [Kefar Rosh Haniqra], a few kilometers from the border with Lebanon -, he lives in Naharia now. I still keep in touch with them, but very rarely.

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