The wedding of Pavel Stransky

The wedding of Pavel Stransky


This is a picture from the wedding of my cousin Pavel Stransky, taken in Prague in 1946. From right to left: my uncle Leo Kovanic and his wife Polina Kovanicova, Pavel with his wife and me.

There are also some friends in the second row. Pavel Stransky married in Terezin but the marriage was not valid so they had to marry again after World War II.

On the picture, Pavel wears the uniform because he had to enter the army service after he had come back from the concentration camp.

Usually the young men were going for two years to serve in the army but due to the circumstances he went only for something like three months.

I knew the Stranskys very well from my childhood. We were visiting them often and spent some wonderful summer holidays in Brandys nad Orlici together with other of my cousins. Pavel and his wife had two sons.

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