The wedding of Maximilian Klein and Edith Kleinova

In this photo you can see the wedding of my parents, Edith Kleinova and Maximilian Klein. The wedding was likely held in Piestany in 1939. My parents were married on 10th January 1939. I was born on 16th February 1940, during World War II. My memories of this time period are sporadic. No one really talked about the war much in our family. I don't know how my parents met, as I never asked about it. They were married in a synagogue, but whether it was in Surovce, that I don't know. The wedding was Orthodox, you can see it from the photographs. The wedding was with a veil and under a chuppah. After the wedding they stayed and lived in Surovce. They had a little house there, I saw it a few times and then it fell down on its own. At that time there was already great repression here. My father said that when I was born, that day was the first time they drove Jews out to clear snow from the railroad tracks. Up to then it was more or less all right. I don't know how much snow had fallen, maybe even two meters, apparently there was so much on the tracks that the locomotive couldn't get through it.



Magdalena Seborova