Viktor Rosenfeld

Viktor Rosenfeld

The man in the picture is Viktor Rosenfeld, the son of my father's sister Zseni.

He was a very agile boy, he was colonel Reviczky's driver during World War II.

Adam Reviczky' wrote a book [Adam Reviczky: 'Victorious Battles - Lost Wars'] about his father, and he mentioned Viktor Rosenfeld there.

Viktor emigrated to West, from there to Canada, but I don't know how.

I came home in July-August 1948 from captivity, and as soon as he found out I came back, he sent me 100 dollars.

This picture was taken in Canada, and he sent it to his relatives from there.

On the back of the photo it says: 'With love to my dear aunt and uncle, R. Viktor, 1950.'

One of Viktor's sisters, Edit, or Mucus, perished in Auschwitz.

The other sister, Zsofi, survived in Auschwitz and got to Stockholm. But she was very weak already and she died.

She is buried in the Jewish cemetery from Stockholm, where those who managed to get there from Auschwitz, because many people got to Sweden from Auschwitz, as the Swedes took them there after the war, but many were in such shape they couldn't pull through.

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