Sora-Mere Frumkina, her husband Isaak and grandson Philip at his bar mitzvah

In this picture you can see Aunt Sora-Mere on the left, Uncle Isaak on the right, and in the center - their grandson Philip at his bar mitzvah in Australia in 1965.

Father's sister Sora-Mere had a most interesting destiny. She married her cousin named Isaak and for some reason left to live in Kharbin.
I remember, how Aunt Sora-Mere sent me a dress of unusual beauty, which fit me perfectly, though she didn't know my size.

In the 1930s, together with her husband and son Mosya, she immigrated to Australia. They regularly wrote us from Australia after the war and even sent us parcels, although via Czechoslovakia. I know that Mosya kept a bookshop there in the 1950s-1960s, and they lived in a large two-storied house.

In 1952 a son, Philip, was born to Mosya, whose bar mitzvah they widely celebrated in 1965 in one of the Australian synagogues. They even sent us this photo of that event.

Now, unfortunately, I don't correspond with them, but I don't think my Aunt Sora-Mere or Uncle Isaak are still alive. Someone from my relatives informed me, that one of Philip's sons is now studying in Israel, at the Tel Aviv University.