Sonia Roizberg

This is a picture of my cousin, Sonia Roizberg, the daughter of my mother’s brother Avram Roizberg. She was photographed in Cherkasskiy in 1942.

My mother’s brother was a forest warden in the forestry in Olevsk. He was a very intelligent man. His wife's name was Lisa. In 1938, when arrests began in Olevsk, he ran away to Kiev and never returned. He worked in a shop in Kiev - I don't know exactly what he did. He had little luck in his life. He had four children and all of them died. His twin girls died in infancy. His son, Shyka, born in 1922, was very smart and gifted. When he was 3 he got ill with poliomyelitis. He couldn't walk and studied at home. He learned to play chess and corresponded with chess players from Leningrad when he was 12-13 years old. He died in 1937. There was one girl left, Sonia, born in 1925. During the war she evacuated to Kazakhstan with her parents. In 1945 she returned to Kiev with her parents and on 27th September 1945 she and my sister Sonia died in a car accident. Aunt Lisa died in 1954. My uncle got married for a second time. He died in Kiev in 1974.