Sima Zisels

My sister Sima. The photo was taken in Kiev in 1947 before she got married. Sima was born in 1925. During those hard times [during the famine in Ukraine in 1932-33] my mother's sister Sarah and her husband Haim took our sister Sima to their home. She stayed with them afterwards. They simply adored her and were raising her like their own daughter. In August 1941, I received a letter which said that Sima and Aunt Sarah evacuated to Alma-Ata [Kazakhstan]. They returned from evacuation in 1947. Sima finished a trade school and worked at a plant. In the 1950s she married Boris Zisels, a nice Jewish man, and they had a son, Joseph. Aunt Sarah died in the 1980s. Sima treated her like a mother. I can't explain why, but we didn't communicate with them. Sima, her husband and son moved to America in 1992.