Sheindlia Krishtal’s son Yura Khandros

My son Yura Khandros. We were having a walk in Vladimirskaya Gorka and correspondent Arkadiy Boichuk photographed my son. Kiev, 1958. Amateur photo.

In 1949 Shabsai Khandros and I got married.

In 1954 our son Yura was born. Yura was a smart and nice boy. He studied at Ukrainian school #115. Yura was fond of mathematics. After finishing the 8th form he heard about admission to school #145 which had better programs for mathematics and physics. This school was within the structure of Kiev State University. Their teachers were also lecturers at the University and the best pupils were admitted to the university without exams after finishing school. Without telling us, Yura went there, passed the entrance exams, and was admitted to the school. He took part in various mathematical contests and once took first place at Olympiad of Moscow University. He got an official invitation to study at the University. In 1971 Yura finished school and submitted his documents to the Mechanical Physical Faculty of Moscow University. He knew that it was hard to get there without bribes or acquaintances, but he took the exams anyway. We didn't have any money to bribe people and we didn't have any acquaintances. Yura did not get in to Moscow University and, instead, submitted his documents to Kiev University. He got a "four" in mathematics, although he gave all correct answers. I went to the dean of the faculty and demanded that they found a commission. The commission checked his test - it was correct. The dean told me to take it easy since it didn't matter that much whether he got a "four" or "five". But Yura was admitted as an evening student. It meant that he was subject to mobilization to the army after the first year. The dean promised me that he would transfer Yura to the daytime course after the first year. But what happened was that he transferred another student to the daytime course and I was forced to talk to the rector. I didn't tell Yura about my plans - he had a strong character and might not have allowed me to go. I talked to the rector - no results. I lost my temper and called him an anti-Semite. He said he was going to call the police. "Yes, call the police - I am staying here, but the reason you will not transfer my son is because he is a Jew". He didn't call the police, but he didn't transfer my son to the daytime course either.

Yura served in the Navy in Severomorsk. He has been in the North Pole. Yura returned home in 3 years. He matured in the army.

Yura studied at the University and worked at the design office of the Ministry of Agriculture. He met a candidate of sciences from the Institute of Cybernetics who then told a doctor of sciences from this Institute about Yura. This doctor of sciences invited Yura to work at the Institute. Yura met his future wife Luda there. She is Ukrainian and had a son before she met Yura. Yura doesn't have any children. Of course, I wanted him to marry a Jewish woman and have children of his own, but it turned out differently. Luda is a nice woman and they live well and this is the most important thing for me.