Seraphima Gurevich's uncle, Mikhail Zastavkis with his family

This photo shows the family of my mother's older brother Mikhail Zastavkis. Sitting left to right: Mikhail's wife Elizabeth Zastavkis, their younger daughter Ania and my mother's brother Mikhail Zastavkis. Standing behind them: Mikhail's older daughter Mina and her husband Mikhail. The photo was taken in Leningrad in 1950 and sent to my grandmother in Chernovtsy. My grandparents had 11 children. They also adopted 2 children of my grandmother's brother. The boys in the family studied in cheder and the girls had a teacher teaching them at home. All the children finished the eight-grade lower secondary school in Polonnoye. They were a very close family. There was a typical atmosphere of a Jewish family in their house, full of love and warmth. My mother's family was a model of generosity, care and love for me. Mikhail - his Jewish name was Moshe - lived in Leningrad. He left there when he was young to find work and support his family. He became a locksmith's apprentice at the machine building plant and later studied at the Rabfak. Later Mikhail worked as a foreman and then a shop supervisor at this plant. During the war the plant was evacuated to the Ural and Mikhail went there, too. The plant manufactured tank engines. Mikhail was married. His wife's name was Lisa. They had two daughters: Mina and Ania. Mikhail died in Leningrad in 1978.