Semyon Levbarg‘s granddaughter Ania Levbarg

My granddaughter Ania Levbarg during celebration of Purim, Kiev, 2002.

Our son Evsey always identified himself as a Jew. After finishing school he went to Leningrad where he entered the Collage of Optics. After finishing his studies Evsey returned to Kiev. He couldn't find a job for a long time. He was a physicist, but he was a Jew and potential employers refused to hire him. He finally got a job at the Institute of Standardization. He is an engineer at the State Standard Agency now.

Evsey was a bachelor for many years until he got married in early 1990s. His wife, Lena is Russian. I wasn't against their marriage. I was glad that my son was happy. In 1997 their daughter Anna [Ania is the short form for Anna] was born. In early 1990s Jewish life began to revive after Ukraine gained independence. There were numerous Jewish organizations established. My son became deputy chairman of the society of Jewish culture 'Sholem Alechem'. My son didn't become religious which is a usual thing considering that he grew up in Soviet society. However, he studies and promotes Jewish culture and history and is very fond of Judaism. His wife Lena is also fond of these. She has a Doctorate in Arts and works at the Conservatory, but she also lectures at the Jewish society and helps Evsey in his work. Their daughter Anna attends a Jewish kindergarten.