Sarra Shylman’s granddaughter Zhenia Shyfris and her husband Mikhail

My granddaughter Evgenia Shyfris and her husband Michael. Wedding photo. Canary Islands, 2002.

Evgenia finished a music school well, then she finished a secondary school and entered the Faculty of Philology at the University. Se gave music lessons in a kindergarten when she was a student, then she gave English classes. She is very good at languages. Now she has a Master's degree. She works at the Israeli Embassy in Riga.

In 2002 Evgenia got married. Her husband Mikhail (I've forgotten his surname) is half-Jew. He is a lawyer and often goes on trips abroad. He proposed to Evgenia to have a wedding on the Canary Islands and they spent their honeymoon there. I am so happy for my granddaughter and I hope to cuddle my great grandchildren.

In 2000 I lost my husband Chaim. We lived together for almost 50 years. I am happy to have Valia and Evgenia. They came to the funeral and spent some time with me afterward. Valia and Evgenia often call me and come to see me every year. They visited me recently. They painted windows and doors and helped me to prepare for the winter.