Ruzena R. with classmates

Ruzena R. with classmates

This is a photo from the Jewish school in Topolcany that I went to. It shows our class. The picture was taken in 1942, shortly before the deportations started. We were all together here.

The boys in the bottom row from left: Walter Deutelbaum, perished. Tibor Neumann, lives in Israel, they amputated both his legs after the war, because he had frostbite. Now his name is Shmuel Ramaki. Fero Goldner, he died last year in Israel. Miky Bröder, he lives in Prague, Jozo Kornfeld, he died quite young in Israel. Then Harry Schlüssler. The guy above Harry holding his shoulders is Palo Welwart, who died in one of the mines, he was working in Glivice or somewhere, he didn't survive the hard labor. I don't know the other two boys.

On the left there's Dezo Simko, who lives in Israel, next to him is Mandelbaumova, she didn't survive the war. Then there's Hilda Mullerova, who didn't survive the war either. Then there's Edita Braunova and Lilly Friedmannova, neither of them survived the Holocaust. Baby Bockova, she died maybe two years ago in Israel. Herta Nagelova, she also perished during the war. Bozena Weissova, she lives in Bratislava.

Then in the last row that is Hilda Feldmannova, she perished; then I, then Frica Fischerova, she was my best friend, she perished. Gerta Hauptova, she lives in Israel. Now, I'm not sure about the one next to her. I forgot. Ica Biermannova, she was born on the same day as I, but she perished; Judita Eksteinova, she didn't survive the war. Süssova, I can't recall her first name, she didn't survive. Then there is Roska Shonfeldova, she survived and emigrated to Germany. Lida Weissova, she lives in Israel, Mindy Ehrenwaldova, she was in Vyhne labor camp, but she didn't survive; then Erzi Spitzerova. I don't recall the boy, he must have been one of our class who was displaced from Bratislava in 1941. The next one, Rozka Schonfeldova, was from Bratislava and the boys, who I don't remember, also joined our class later on.

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