Rudolf Krauskopf's villa in Dolni Brezany

This is a picture of the villa in Dolni Brezany, which belonged to my Aunt Lilly and Uncle Rudolf. The woman in the picture is the housekeeper who took care of the villa with her husband. The photo was taken in the 1930s. Uncle Rudolf and Aunt Lilly had bought this villa in a devastated state and had entirely renovated it. We used to go there mainly in the summer, and it was a beautiful place. They had added a balcony, and a shelter in the smaller front yard. There was a terrace where they used to dine and a wine cellar. From a magnificent dining room you exited to a large back yard. In Brezany they had electricity as well as running water. The villa had two very valuable rooms. The first was the so-called Golden Ludwig salon, decorated with hand-embroidered Gobelin tapestry, but it was more just for show. Then there was a gorgeous dark dining room, which did get used. The table, chair and desk legs were these carved columns, each with a lion's head that had a bronze ring in its moth. There was also a beautiful golden bedroom with shiny furniture with mother-of-pearl ornamental inlays.