Roman Zaher and rabbi, who carried out bar-mitzvah rite for him

This is my grandson Roman Zaher and rabbi, who carried out bar-mitzvah rite for my grandson by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in the year of 2000.

I have wonderful children. Elder daughter was born in 1957. She was named Raisa. At home we hall her Raya to commemorate grandmother Haya as those names are euphonic. The second Marina is eight years younger than the elder one. My mother helped us raise daughters. She plied them with love to Yiddish and Jewish holidays. My daughters went to a Russian school. There were a lot Jewish students there, but Raya and Marina made friends with Jews as well as children of other nationalities. Raya and Marina did pretty well at school. Both of them, finished book-keeping and industrial production faculty of Vilnius University in due time. Our family had a pretty good living.

Marina and her husband Gennadiy Zaher immigrated to Israel in late 1980s. Marina's elder son Roman was born in Vilnius in 1987. He is called Rubi in Israel. I was present at barmitzvah ceremony of my grandson, taken place in Israel. I am happy that my grandson is a true Jew. The second son of Marina and Ilia Itai was born in Holon in 1996. Marina and her husband successfully work in Israel; Marina is a commercial manager of a large firm. I visited my younger daughter in Israel four times. I like Israel very much. My wife and I agreed - if we were to immigrate, our choice would be Israel. We are still not thinking seriously of that.