Rita Steinàyte and her sister Lana Steinayte

Rita Steinàyte and her sister Lana Steinayte

To the left is my elder daughter Rita Steinàyte, to the right is younger daughter Lana Steinayte, The picture was made in 1970s in Siauliai.

My wife and I had lived in love and understanding for many years. In 1960 our elder daughter was born and younger Lina was born in 1963. We lived comfortably. I had access to the goods which were in deficit. During the soviet regime it was very problematic to buy what you need. My daughters were always well dressed. We bought things for them in stock markets. I should say that neither Frida nor I abused my position and we got only necessary things. Frida taught Russian language and literature and school, so we had enough money. In 1980 I got a car,which I am still driving. We also got a land plot and built a small country house there. We have a kitchen garden there where we plant vegetables and flowers. We had a good living in soviet time. Every year I got trip vouchers and Frida and I went to the resorts in Crimea an Caucasus. Daughters took a rest in children's camps in Palanga. At times the whole family went there on vacation. We also went to Moscow, Leningrad, where we attended theatres, museums and other places of culture.

My elder daughter Rita has dreamt of being an investigator since early childhood. There were a lot of trouble with the entrance exams, but still with my help she was enrolled for legal department of Vilnius university. Rita is currently working as the head of the strict- security camp in Vilnius. Of course, this is not a job for a woman, but daughter copes with it. This is what she wanted. Her first marriage with a Jew Erenburg happened to be unsuccessful. Rita has a son from the first marriage. His name is Gedeon. He lived with us for a while. Rita's second husband is Lithuanian Balsaris Alfonsas. He treats my daughter and grandson very well. Rita gave birth to two children in her second marriage - son Egidios, 1986 and daughter Samantha, who is studying in the last grade of the secondary school.

Younger daughter Lana graduated from Siauliai Teachers' Training Institute. She has worked for three years at school, and she said she would never work there. Now she is working for a private company. Lana has her own apartment, but unfortunately, she has not met her beloved yet. She is single.

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