Revekka Blumberg with her friend Dina Israelit, grandson Mark and son Nevil

This picture was taken at my home. From left to right: my friend Dina Israelit, I, my grandson Mark and my son Nevil. This photo was taken in Tallinn in 2002. My son Nevil studied in the Russian school. He was doing well at school. When he went to the 3rd grade at school, we sent him to a music school. He took violin classes. Nevil finished the Russian school and the music school and entered a music college. Music was his long-term business, but it brought no high profits to him. While he was living with us, Nevil could afford to do what he liked without giving much thought to how much he was earning, but when Nevil got married and they had a baby, he had to earn money to support the family. Nevil went to work at a record company, but some time later he opened an advertising firm of his own. At first he only dealt with advertising music before he expanded his business to advertising other things. He had to learn a lot and he liked this. He fit well in this advertising business, and his company has a good reputation. Unfortunately, his business leaves him little time for music. His son Mark, my grandson, was born in 1995. He is a nice boy. He goes to an Estonian school. I met my closest girlfriend Dina Israelit in exile in 1941. She was my friend in the class. She also belonged to an exiled family. We are still friends, though Dina moved to Israel a long time ago. We were close to one another, and another thing that made us closer was that we shared the same things in life. Dina's family was a great support to my mother, when she became a widow. They also cared about me and warmed me like a frozen sparrow. Dina is still my best friend and we are very close. She is my sister, even though she was not born to our family. Dina's family had a great influence on me. They helped me a lot. Dina's father was particularly kind to me. He was a very educated and interesting person. He gave his daughter very appropriate education. At that time people cared little about studying foreign languages while he gave his daughter an opportunity to study French and English, and this helped her a lot in life. I've been in contact with my friend Dina all my life. When I left Riga for Tallinn, Dina's family took good care of me.