Resume report of Semyon Nezhynski

This is a resume report issued to me in 1943. It reads: Resume report issued to commanding officer of 270 Guards Mine firing battalion major Semyon Nezhynski on 17 October 1943. 'Devoted to the Lenin-Stalin Party and his Socialist Motherland. Politically educated, morally stable. Through the term of his service in the regiment from the time of its formation and in battles with German fascist occupants demonstrated his will, courage, energy, initiative and strong character as an officer, demanding performance from himself and his subordinates, capable of getting to completion of his combat action tasks. He is an example of personal discipline and courage in combat action. He has a combat and political authority. He is well educated as an artillery specialist and can organize interface with other armies, artillery attacks, successful battles with tanks involved and command his artillery unit in combat action. For example, the battery under comrade Nezhynski's command kept enemies' tanks and motor infantry units from breaking their defense for 24 hours near the town of Novocherkassk. The division under command of comrade Nezhynski continuously caused damage to enemy's equipment and the enemy incurred great losses. The officer, sergeant and private groups are taught to act as a team, well trained and prepared to complete any task at any moment. The logistics, equipment and weapons are well maintained. Comrade Nezhynski is a capable artillery commanding officer. He meets all requirements at his position and can be assigned as chief of headquarters of the regiment. Commander of 49 Guards Mine Firing Regiment Major of Guards /Pankratov/'