Ranana Malkhanova and her family

From left to right: my daugher Ilana Subachene, me, my granddaughter Gabriela Subachene, and my daughter's friend Maya, who lives in the USA, in Texas. She stayed with us at that time. This picture was taken in Vilnius in 2002. My daughter Ilana graduated from Vilnius University, from the French Language and Literature department. She's currently working in the French cultural center. Ilana married a Lithuanian. His name is Subachene. My favorite granddaughter Gabriela, born in 1986, is finishing a lyceum. She would like to become a doctor. She'll probably continue her education abroad. Gabriela is fluent in English and is studying French. She identifies herself as Lithuanian, but treats Jews with great respect. When I came back from Israel, she asked me to talk to the students of her class and tell them about the country. Since my husband's death I've tried to be active and have a fully-fledged life. In 1972 I became a member of the Council of the Journalists of Lithuania. I took part in all the events of the Council. We received foreign delegations, and held symposiums. I enjoyed the trips throughout the country and overseas. I took the first trip during the Soviet regime. I went to Hungary and Bulgaria. I became a real globe-trotter in 1995. I always keep in my heart the people who saved my life. I've kept in touch with my rescuers for many years. Now the parents [Strimaitis] and their daughter Mildei, with whom I still keep in touch, were conferred the title 'Righteous among the Nations' by the museum Yad Vashem. The Lithuanian family of Mamra, who had been sheltering us for a long time, was exiled by the Soviet regime. My mother and I exerted every effort to find them, but didn't succeed.