Raissa Yasvoina's uncle's Isaak Minkovskiy family

A gray-haired man in the center is my mother's brother Isaak Minkovskiy who moved to Canada in 1919. Next to him is his wife Rosa, daughter Shyfra and son Nahman. Photo made in Montreal, Canada, approximately in 1953. My mother's older brother Isaak Minkovskiy was born in 1884. Isaak finished school and then my grandfather made him the manager of one of his stores. After my grandfather died Isaak got his jewelry shop. Isaak was a very successful businessman. He and Rosa didn't have any children. After the revolution and the civil war Isaak decided to leave the country. The power in Kiev changed continuously and pogroms happened. Isaak understood that sooner or later he would have to part with his riches and he sold his shops and left for Canada in 1919. The family had no contacts with him. Only in 1953, after Stalin's death, my mother received a letter from him with a return address. But since people were afraid of arrests and repression my mother tore up the letter. She didn't read it to the end and didn't save her brother's address. She only kept the picture of her brother with his wife Rosa and their daughter Shyfra. I have no information about my uncle Isaak's family but I realize that neither my uncle nor his wife Rosa is among the living. Isaak went to Canada with my mother's sisters Rosa and Shyfra. They were older than my mother but younger than Isaak. I have no information about them. I only know that Isaak gave his daughter the name of Shyfra after his sister and the same name of his wife and his sister - Rosa - is merely a coincidence.