Raissa Gragerova and her colleagues

The employees of the laboratory at Glavchi Scientific Research Institute for Skin and Venereal Diseases in Odessa where my mother used to work. The photo was taken at the first anniversary of the institute in the 1920s. My mother is second from left. Peter Brodsky, scientist and chief of the laboratory is sitting in the center. My mother finished grammar school in Rostov and left for France to continue her studies. She studied in Rouen for a year or two, and in 1913 she moved to Paris where she met my father. They dated for a year. My father was going to study science in Paris, and my mother wanted to get education in order to become a doctor. But at the beginning of World War I, in the summer of 1914, my father and mother immediately left for Russia. My father went to his family in Odessa, and my mother went back to Rostov. My parents didn't see each other for two years. My father was helping his father. My mother did her 3rd year at the Medical Institute in Rostov-on-the-Don and graduated in 1916. They got married in 1916. Mother got a job at the Glavchi Institute. Their laboratory was supervised by an outstanding scientist, Peter Brodsky. My mother and father spent a lot of time at work.

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Isaac Gragerov