Pesia Begak with her friends

In the center is my mother's sister Pesia Begak, her friends are beside her, Michl Aron is on the left. She perished in the ghetto in Kaunas, and I have no information about the other girl. This photo was taken in Jonava in the 1920s. My mother Gitah, born in 1905, was the oldest child in the family. After her there came another child almost each year. Pesia, my mother's sister, who was next after my mother, married an unreliable man. He had the nickname of ?Avremele the rascal.? His name was Avrum Begak. His nickname quite explained the kind of man he was. Shortly after his daughter Mina was born in 1932 he left his family. Pesia was left to raise her daughter alone, and my father and mother provided as much support as they could to her. On the day when the war began and our family was about to evacuate, Avrum Begak appeared as if out of nowhere. He evacuated with us, but he disappeared again during the wartime. I have no idea where his life ended. Pesia and Mina returned to Lithuania after the war and lived in Kaunas. Mina got married. In 1972 she, her husband and her mother moved to Israel. Pesia died in the 1980s.