Nehoma Abramovich with Moisey Rybakov, his wife Nina and son Grigoriy

This is my sister Nehoma Abramovich with my brother Moisey Rybakov, his wife Nina and son Grigoriy. This photo was taken in Kishinev in the 1940s. My sister Nehoma was born in 1922, and Moisey in 1918. Nehoma studied at school, and Moisey finished a vocational school in Rezina and worked as a mechanic in Bucharest. Moisey had been mobilized to the Soviet army at the very beginning of the war. He was at the front until 1945. He had been severely wounded in Poland and taken to hospital. After recovery he went to Uzbekistan to look for Abram. He found Lusia. Lusia and Abram lived together without getting married. Lusia told Moisey that Abram had volunteered to the front and had perished in Konigsberg in 1945. Moisey returned to Rezina in 1945. He had no information about me and thought that we had all perished. Moisey married Nina, a girl from Rezina. He graduated from a law school, but he never worked by his specialty. I don't know the reason, perhaps, it was the Item 5. He worked at a shoe store in Kishinev. He had a daughter called Faina, and son called Grigoriy. My sister Nehoma was in Ivanovo during the war where she got married. Her husband, Semyon Abramovich, is a Jew. They had no children. They moved to Chernovtsy after the war.