Naum Bitman’s friends

This is delegation from Israel on the international festival of youth and students in 1957. I went to this festival from Kiev as it was a great event at its time. I met people from the delegation from Israel. Left - head of the delegation David Sherh, I communicated with him.

I understand that one may want to ask me why I never left Israel considering such attitude. It would not be easy for me to put it into words.  I have been interested in Israel and I was glad that Jewish people formed their own state over 50 years ago.  In 1957 I went to the Festival of youth and students in Moscow on purpose. I met there members of the delegation from Israel, I traveled with them in their bus. We took pictures and I asked them about their country.   I didn't care that it wasn't quite safe to do so in those years. There was State Security Committee (KGB) watching everybody and I could be punished. But I didn't care then. I was happy to communicate with real people from Israel. There were several reasons why I hadn't left for Israel: my mother that didn't want to go, and my Russian wife that didn't even want to hear about leaving for Israel. Well, it happened so that I never left for Israel and was never happy in my private life. And now, I believe, it is way too late to go to Israel. One has to go there when one is young to be able to do something for your country.