Naum Balan and his granddaughters

This is me with my granddaughters from my first marriage: Oksana, on the left, and Alina Mazdorova, on the right. The photo was taken in Odessa in 1999, when my granddaughters came to visit me. My son Igor Mazdorov and his family live in Kishinev, since we moved there in 1965. He was a locksmith in the laboratory. He had 'hands of gold'. Igor married a girl from a Ukrainian and Moldavian family in 1986. Her name was Tania. I didn't have any objections; love is what matters. They have twin girls: Alina and Oksana. Igor's wife was a painter. They received a nice three-bedroom apartment in the suburb of Kishinev. My granddaughters went to work after finishing nine years of secondary school. I live with my wife Lidia Lieberman in a new two-bedroom apartment with a balcony and all comforts in a new district of the town. Our apartment is on the second floor. It's very convenient for us since there is no elevator in the house and we are in no condition to walk higher upstairs. My son Igor often comes to see us here in Odessa. We support him. In my time, children supported their parents, but now things are different. I go to the main synagogue in Odessa on holidays when my health condition allows it. I don't pray since I don't know any prayers. I identify myself as a Jew and wish all Jews to have a good life. I'm interested in everything about Jews and Israel. The Gmilus Hesed Jewish Charity Center, established in 1992, provides assistance to Lidia and me. There is an aid visiting us. She brings us food and cleans our apartment. We receive food packages and medications. Whenever I can I attend events at Gmilus Hesed.