Nachman Elencwajg with his friends after WWII

This is a photo which was taken after World War II when I was already living in Wroclaw. It was made exacly when one friend of mine, Herszl Glazman, was visiting Wroclaw. He stayed in the USSR after the war , and then in 1950 he came to Wroclaw to meet his old mates from Miedzyrzec. You can see him standing second from the left. Another interesting person on this photo, is the one in the middle - Lejb Goldberg. He stayed in Miedzyrzec during the whole period of the Holocaust, hidden in the attic of a house, which was located next to the headquarters of the Gestapo. Recently I found out, that in Israel there's a book about his life, and they want to shoot a movie based on this story. In Zagorze I worked as a tailor at the former Zimmerman's plant. But that lasted for only three weeks because me and some colleagues set up a cooperative. I even sat on its board because I was young and the older guys didn't want to. The cooperative was called ?Zgoda? and had some thirty employees, all tailors. Some time later a course for technical managers was organized in Wroclaw and they sent me to attend it. When I had completed it and secured the right papers, some acquaintances of mine fixed a job for me in Wroclaw, at another cooperative, on Nowowiejska Street. Then I worked at several other tailor cooperatives, first as a technical manager, then as a quality surveyor.