Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz

This picture was taken in Tiszaszalka on August 17, 1940. My younger sister, Berta Schwartz and her husband are in it. They sent me the picture.

Berta didn’t learn a profession, she helped around the house until she got married in the second half of the 1930s, also to a Samuel Schwartz (A very common name then), with whom she moved to Tiszaszalka. If I remember correctly, her husband was a merchant. They had two children, one of which was named Gabor. The other boy’s name I don’t recall.

Berta died with her two children in the concentration camp, in Auschwitz, but her husband Samuel came back from work service. As I understand it, he was sent to the Russian front, but somehow fought his way home. He went out to Israel in 1957, where he remarried and had four children with his new wife. That’s all of their story, I don’t know anything more about them.