Moric Rosenberg


This is a photo of my eldest brother, Moric Rosenberg. It was taken in Beregszasz in the 1940s.

My parents had six children: three boys and three girls. My eldest brother, Moric, was 24 years older than I. Gyula followed, then Berta was born in 1904, Jozsef in 1908 and Erzsebet in 1911. Apart from me, only Gyula survived the war [WWII].

Moric took care of the family finances, because he was the oldest. Once he got so involved in the work that he got a hernia. That's how he got into hospital during the time when all the Jews had to register.

The doctor knew him and respected him, and took him in among the patients and operated on his hernia.

In Auschwitz, they first picked him to work, but when a German went into the bath, and saw his fresh thirty centimeter scar, they took him away to the crematorium.

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