Minna Birman’s brother Ilia Birman with his wife Taya and their son Igor


This is my brother Ilia Birman with his wife Taya and their son Igor. This photo was taken in Grozny in 1957.

During the war our family was evacuated to Tashkent. Ilia was eager to go to the front. He continuously went to a military registry office requesting them to send him to the frontline. Chief of the registry office got so tired of him that he burned Ilia's passport, wrote that his year of birth was 1926 instead of 1927 and sent him to the army in 1944. Ilia studied in a sniper school in Kushka. Then he studied in Volskoye technical school and after finishing it in 1945 he was sent to an aviation regiment that moved to Austria. Ilia was a technician in a squadron. At the end of the war he was in Austria. After the war Ilia served in the army for 7 years.  He finished his service in Grozny where he married a local woman. Her name was Taya Shubina, Russian. He moved to Odessa with his wife. We made Ilia finish the 10th grade. Is wife didn't want to live in Odessa and they moved to Grozny. Ilia finished the Oil College. His wife worked as a seamstress. In 1956 their son Igor was born.

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