Margotte Supyan in the pioneer camp

Margotte Supyan in the pioneer camp


This photograph was taken in the pioneer camp in the suburb of Leningrad in 1937.

On it you can see my sister Margotte.

My sister was born on 18th May 1924 in Berlin. Her name was Margotte.
She was very beautiful, in contrast to me.

She attended the same Jewish school as me. Later, already in Leningrad,
before the war broke out, she managed to finish nine grades.

My sister and I spent our summer vacations in pioneer camps and
my brother left for summer dacha with his kindergarten.

Daddy had rest in a sanatorium twice : his organization gave him a paid authorization.
Mom went to a recreation house. We never rented a dacha for summer vacation.

Our school was closed in 1938.
All schoolchildren were moved to schools, situated in their districts.

By that time I knew Russian very well, and my sister a little bit worse.
My compositions on Russian literature were the best;
I was always pointed at as an example of what other pupils should do.

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