Malvina Balaszova

This is my mother Malvina Balaszova, nee Neumannova. The photo was taken in 1911. She studied economics at school and after her graduation, she worked in a bank. My mother had two sisters. Kati Neumannova, who got married to Martin Perlmutter. When World War II began she was deported. She died in Bergen-Belsen. Her husband didn't survive the Holocaust either. He died in some other concentration camp, but I don't know which one. The other sister, Helena Neumannova, was married to Moritz Haber. Moritz didn't survive the Holocaust, he died in Bergen-Belsen. I was born on 25th May 1922 in Kosice. My mother and I were in the ghetto in Budapest during the war. We both survived the Holocaust and returned to Kosice.