Malea Veselnitskaya, her husbend Michael Veselnitski and our daughter Ida

Malea Veselnitskaya, her husbend Michael Veselnitski and our daughter Ida


It is me, my husband Michael Veselnitski and our daughter Ida. This photo was taken in Odessa in 1951.

I met my husband in Neman Kaliningrad region in 1946. Once I attended a party where young people got together to dance to a record player and a young officer paid attention to me. His name was Michael Veselnitski. Shortly afterward Michael proposed to me. I liked him. He was shy and didn't drink. We got married in 1947.
My husband was chief of the topographic department of the military unit in Neman Kaliningrad region. In 1948 our daughter Ida was born.

My husband demobilized in 1949 and went to Kherson with his parents to settle down there but it didn't work. My daughter Ida and I stayed with my brother in Kaliningrad. I worked in the document control in the fleet. I worked there two years. In 950 my husband became a surveyor in Meliovodstroy Company in Odessa. Ida and I joined him in 1951. We rented a lodging in Zaslavskogo Street. It used to be a cowshed in the past. The owner installed new floors and whitewashed the walls. We lived there two years. My daughter went to a boarding kindergarten. Later we rented a 16-square-meter room in Novaya Street and I took my mother Dina Ostrovskaya to live with us. When the owner of the room demanded that we moved out immediately, we sued her. A judge promised to help us for 1,000 rubles. We collected this amount, had a favorable decision and received the ownership documents for this room. My husband often went on business trips. I read a lot and tried to interest Ida with reading. My mother and I often sat by the stove and I told her the stories I read. Ida also listened reclining on her folding bed.

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