Maciej Braun

This is my, Helena Najberg’s, great-grandson Maciej Braun. I don’t know where the photo was taken. Maybe at preschool, but I don’t know exactly. I think that it was taken in 2003. He is about two years old here and was born in 2001.

I have one granddaughter. She is my son's daughter. Her married name is Braun. She's a lawyer. She's over 30 years old now and she has a son, Macius. My great-grandson was born 3 days after this horrible accident at the World Trade Center [09.11.2001]. My son was in the States then and he couldn't get back to the country, because there were no connections. He flew in several days later, when his grandson had already been born. They're a Catholic family as well. They had a church wedding. The child was baptized in a church. I see my granddaughter when her parents invite me for dinner once every several months. She almost never calls me. Well, she called me on Grandmother's Day and she wished me well. I asked my son to convince her to stop by with the little one from time to time. I told my son: 'Can't Agnieszka put him in the car and drive him here at least for an hour and sit here?' But no response. Agnieszka knows her father's roots. Sometimes, when I'm there, we talk about different things and I can see that she knows she's a half-blood Jew. She's very polite about it. She doesn't let me feel it. They're very cultured people.