Leonid Geftman and his family

Leonid Geftman and his family

This was made in Paris in 1985.

This my cousin Leonid Geftman's daughter Clod wedding.
From left to right: my cousin Leonid's wife Irene, the groom (I do not know his name), Clod, my cousin Leonid, Leonid's other daughter Mari, her husband and husband’s mother. Mari's son are in the front.

In 1917 my maternal grandfather Pincus Geftman immigrated with his family. All Geftmans left, but my mother. My relatives did not approve of revolution.

My parents refused to leave the motherland. They thought that such educated and prosperous people would do well in Soviet Russia, and besides he did not want to sever with his relatives.

He also was sure that the doctor of such a level would always be in demand no matter who was wielding the scepter.

I did not have blood brothers or sisters, but I had a lot of cousins in Russia and France. I loved them as my brothers and sisters. They all emigrated from Russia in childhood, but they kept in touch with mother and me.

All my cousins came to Moscow for several times. I was in Paris once. Now they are all deceased, all my mother's brothers and sisters and my cousins are buried in the Jewish cemetery in Paris.

My cousins Leonid and Victor were very friendly. During the outbreak of great patriotic war in 1940 they both were mobilized in French army. They displayed themselves very well and in 1942 they were released from service. They had to sconce, since they did not have jobs.

After war Leonid and Victor got married simultaneously. Victor was lucky to marry a Jew, born in France. They lived very well together and had two children. Her mother was a doctor, and her father was a sculptor.

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