Leon, Adela and Albert Seliktar at a resort in Varna

Here you can see my sister Adela Moshe Levi (nee Seliktar), my brother Albert Moshe Seliktar and me (from left to right) at a resort in Varna around 1938.

I have a brother and a sister. My brother Albert was four years older than me. He was very smart and an excellent student. He had a degree in medicine. He was the head physician of the Infections Hospital.

I was born in Sofia on 11th September 1927. I went to kindergarten. It was called nursery then. We went to it one year before we started school. At that time we started school at the age of eight, so we went to the nursery at the age of seven. Before that our mother looked after us at home.

My sister is six years younger than me. She was born in 1933. She also studied in the Jewish school. Her name is Adela and she is now in Israel. We loved all Jewish holidays, because we had so much fun. We received new clothes. There is a holiday, on which children receive money. It was nice.

We went to school together and walked back along Pozitano Street. There wasn't so much traffic there as now, but there were some cars, especially around Solni Market: it was dangerous. So, initially I wasn't allowed to go to school by myself. I went with my brother.