Ladislav Roth’s son Stepan Roth and great grandson Andras Roth

My son Stepan Roth with my great grandson Andras in the yard of our house. This photo was taken in Uzhgorod in 2001.

My son Stepan entered the faculty of Biology of Uzhhorod University after finishing school. He got married when he was a university student. His wife Klavdia is Russian, but I was quiet about my son's choice. Her nationality didn't matter to me. I saw that Klavdia was a nice girl and that they loved one another. Klavdia also studied in the Faculty of Biology. After graduation my son worked as a biologist at the plant selection facility and Klavdia specialized in microbiology. They have a son named Ladislav after me. He was born in 1972. My grandson stepped into his parents' footsteps. He is also a biologist. Ladislav married his Ukrainian co-student Natalia Sergienko when they studied in University. Is also a biologist. Her parents moved to Uzhhorod from somewhere in eastern Ukraine after WW2. Their son Andras is 6. My son and great grandson live in Uzhhorod. They often come to see us and my wife and I help them to raise our great grandson. Andras is our only great grandson whom we can see whenever we wish and we spend a lot of time with him.