Kauders family in Postyen

This photo was taken in the summer of 1938 in Postyen. From the left: my mother, Rozsa Kauders, my sister, Klara, me and my father, Istvan Kauders. During the previous year's trip through Vienna and Czechoslovakia, we spent a day in Postyen. We liked it so much that the next year we travelled there and spent two weeks in a bed and breakfast there.

My parents loved to travel. In 1935, the two of them went together to Vienna by boat. Then in 1937, they took us too, along with a pair of friends, a married couple, Laszlo Lautenburg and his wife. They had two sons, Bandi and Ervin. Bandi was born in 1926, Ervin in 1932. Bandi didn't survive the work service [forced labor], the others survived the war but we lost contact with them. They paid for a several week tour in Vienna and Czechoslovakia. The only thing that I can recall from Vienna is that Klari dropped her salami sandwich in front of the Maria Theresia statue, and they grumbled at her because of it. I remember a lot from the Czech part of the trip. We were in Prague where we paid for a city tour. To this day I remember the explanations [of the sites]. We were in Zlin, in Bata town, and there we saw the college dormitory, and how the kids were housed there, and how contemporary the whole thing was, we saw how the police wore antelope shoes, and you could walk on the grass.