Katalin Kallos Havas' cousin

This is a portrait of my cousin Lili. I don?t know her family name. She was one of Aunt Sari's two daughters. My mother's third oldest sister, Sari, got married to a Yugoslav man, from a place that was then Southern Hungary [Voivodina]. I only know that they were amongst those shot into the Danube by the Hungarians [during the Novi Sad massacre]. They had two daughters. The younger one, Lili, got married and moved to Italy, before World War II, and that's how she escaped deportation. The older one, Edit, was deported to Auschwitz, but she came home. She married a Yugoslav Jew called Rosenberg and emigrated to South Africa at the end of the 1940s. Then they moved to Israel, then to Holland. Edit's husband was a construction engineer, and specialized in building sugar factories.