Izidor Katz

Izidor Katz


Rabbi Katz is seen here in this picture, as he's just said the blessing on the bread at my daughter's wedding. They held the wedding in Dunaszerdahelyen in 1969 or 1970.

My daughter Zsuzsi's husband, Ladislav Schenk is the descendent of a Jewish family from Dunaszerdahely. Their wedding was in 1969 or 1970. Rabbi Katz married them under the chuppah. My daughter didn't go to a mikveh, since she was already pregnant at the time. My son-in-law's mother and I escorted her under the chuppah. The groom was escorted by my husband and Grandpa Rujder, as his father was no longer living. The reception was arranged in the Dunaszerdahely prayerhouse courtyard. There were Gypsy musicians. The food was kosher, brought straight from Budapest. Every Jew in Dunaszerdahely was at the banquet. They had two daughters, Alica and Ingrid. The whole family emigrated to Israel later, to Netanya.

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