The Ishakh and Markus families

The Ishakh and Markus families

Here are the Ishakh family and the Markus family in Ruse in 1994. The first from left is my husband Aron Gavriel Ishakh, I am next to him and my sister Victoria Markus and her husband Leon Markus are sitting by my side. My elder daughter Sonia and our relative Puju, who came to visit us from Israel, can be seen behind us. He is the son of my wife's(?) cousin, whose name I don't remember.

I have two sisters whom I love very much. The first one is Victoria Markus, nee Alfandari, and the second is Ester Alfandari. Both of them are now in Israel. I was the youngest of all the three, but I was the first to marry.

During the totalitarian period my sister Ester lived in Sofia and immigrated to Israel in 1999. Now she lives in Rishon Le Zion. She is married to David Alfandari, who worked as a textile designer when he lived in Bulgaria. They are not religious. Their son, Simon Alfandari, is a doctor. At present, Ester and David are pensioners.

Victoria lived in Ruse together with her husband Leon Markus and after his death in 2002 she moved to Israel – to stay with her son Avram Markus. They live in Kiryat Yam. They are not religious, either.

If I have to express my personal opinion of the date 10th November 1989, I would rather say I am satisfied with the changes. I feel freer than before, my family also enjoys the new social conditions. After the changes, I, as all other Jews at my age, received the three installments of the aid from the Swiss Fund. It is no secret that both my daughters have their jobs, and both my sisters immigrated to Israel where they feel themselves well.

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