Irina Lopko’s uncle on mother’s side Avraam Silin

My mother's brother Avraam Silin shortly before he died. This photo was made in Moscow in 1928 and sent to us for the memory.

My maternal grandfather Isroel Silin's family had many children like all other Jewish families. My grandfather was born in 1881. He owned a small haberdashery store in the center of the town. He worked alone purchasing and selling his goods. My grandfather was an educated man. The family observed all traditions and my mother knew about all holidays. My grandfather died at the age of 44 (in 1925), leaving his widow with six children. After he died the family did not observe traditions any longer, but my grandmother remained religious for the rest of her life. After my grandfather died most of the children moved to Moscow looking for a better life and they took my grandmother there. My grandfather and grandmother Silin had seven children. The children were born every year and a half.

My grandmother's favorite son Avraam, born in 1912, was a very decent, smart, talented and a very handsome man. He worked as a joiner at the same plant in Moscow where his sisters were working. He met his future wife Frieda at the plant. Avraam died of some infectious disease in 1929. They have lived only a few months together, unfortunately, they did not have children. This was a terrible loss for his family and for the collective of the plant. My grandmother never recovered from this tragedy.