Irina Doroshkova’s uncle David Ozer

My mother's brother and my uncle David Ozer. Photo made in Kirov in 1939. David was a student of the Veterinary Institute in Kirov. He sent this photo to my mother. My mother Hava Ozer came from a Jewish family in Berdichev. Her parents died of enteric fever in 1914 when my mother was 6 [she was born in 1908]. There were no relatives willing to adopt five children and they were all sent to a children's home. Her brother, David was born in 1910. He finished a Jewish school during the Soviet time. He was very fond of animals and entered the Veterinary Institute in Kirov [Viatka at present], Russia in 1000 km from Berdichev. Upon graduation he got a job assignment to Cheliabinsk region where he worked as a vet. He had a wife - Rieva and son Slavik. At the beginning of the war David was released from service in the army, but he wasn't eager to go to the war. He looked after livestock in a collective farm. At the end of 1942 when Slavik turned two David went to the front. He was a vet there, too - there were horses in the army. After the war he returned to Berdichev with his new wife 14 years younger than he was. She was Russian. I have no information about what happened to his family. David was a vet in Berdichev and was very skilled in his work. He didn't have any more children. David died in 1989. Rieva died in the ural shortly after the war. I didn't keep in touch with her son Slavikand I wasn't acquainted with her second son that was born in the Ural. I have no information about them. They never visited father in Berdichev.