Invitation of the Buda Jewish Women's Association

This is an invitation letter for the charity bazaar of the Buda Jewish Women's Club. When we finally settled in Budapest, my mother became a member of the Buda Jewish Women's Club. The club bought a villa, there were many rich Jewish women in the Buda community, and nominated my mother director and told her to do what she could with that building. My mother set herself to work. She had the second floor renovated and created a hospice for old women and on the ground floor a kindergarten. Some paid a membership fee, and some had, let's say, sponsored a bed in the house, that is, financed the bed, and there was a plaque indicating that this bed had been bought by so-and-so. We invited many guests for Seder. And these prestigious Rose Hill Jewish families were there, together with the elderly. Incredible amounts were collected from donations. There were maybe a hundred elderly women, and many rich people, as well. Musicians would give concerts, and gigantic balls were held during the season. There was a charity bazaar held once a year, to which I contributed, in that I went to the large shops, houses, and factories owned by Jews and collected donations. My task was always to sell plants. If a cactus or another plant cost five Pengo, they paid fifty. This was how the house was financed.