Inessa Vitkina’s aunt Leya Vitkina among employees of the printing office


My aunt Leya Vitkina. She is photographed among employees of the printing office.

Aunt Leya and my grandmother lied in Vilnius. Aunt Leya worked at the printing house. The Soviet Union agreed to accept my aunt under condition that she would go to Birobijan . In 1934 Aunt Leya left Lithuania for Birobijan. Photo # 4 She lived there for a year and in 1935 se moved in with us in Grozny. She lived with us her whole life and we were her only family. My aunt was an accountant. During the war she evacuated to Stalinabad with us and stayed with us after the war. Aunt Leya died in 1973 in Chernovtsy. She died in her sleep. She was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Chernovtsy.

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Inessa Vitkina