Henryk Prajs' friend Roza Pilberg with her parents

This is a photo of Roza Pilberg and her mother and father, the Baruchs. She was then maybe 15 years old. She was a beautiful girl. We used to go to elementary school together. She also was a member of Frayhayt, the Poalei Zion youth organization. I don?t know what she was doing after school. Her father was a shoemaker. The entire family was killed in Treblinka. I went to a Polish elementary school at the age of seven. From 7am to 1 or 2pm I was at school, and after that I went to the cheder. At school they taught us Polish, math, geography, music, and from fourth grade on we also had German classes. Jews and Poles studied together, but the Jews were fewer. There were I think 36 people in my class, and only three of them Jewish: me - they called me Heniek at school, not Froim - Uszer, and Josel Mesing. I already knew Polish, because there were Poles in my yard, but it was definitely the school that taught me the proper grammar and basically to speak correct Polish. I was very popular at the school, I liked the teachers, I liked to study and had good marks, except for math, but otherwise I had A's and B's. When I was 12 or 13 my friends and I joined the Skif, the Bund's children organization. But later I preferred to join a Zionist organization, because I believed it necessary to build our own state. That's why I joined the Right Poalei Zion as a scout. I was still a kid, I was 14. It was a social democratic labor party, they wanted to liberate Palestine to create our own state in which the social democratic parties would flourish. There were maybe 50 of us, Frayhayt members, in Gora Kalwaria.